Are you desperate for a good night’s sleep? Do you have a baby or child who just cannot sleep through the night? Getting the right kit for a nursery or a children’s room is worthwhile if it gets you better sleep.

To teach toddlers and babies the difference between night and day, children’s clocks and blackout blinds can be incredibly useful. And making sure that babies are at the right temperature in their cots, choosing a grobag or a sleeping bag, and a first pillow for a toddler bed also requires a few tips or best product suggestions. Natural sleep aids like bubble baths and massage rubs can be a comforting way to help your child relax before bedtime. If you’re toilet training your child, night-time nappies and mattress protectors need to be effective and a good bed-wetting alarm may prove useful for children a little older.

From kids’ pillows to duvets, gadgets to sleep apps and night lights to bedtime stories, we recommend some of the best sleep aids for children and babies available in the UK.