If your child isn’t sleeping well, then it goes without saying that your sleep is affected too. One of the biggest challenges for new parents is sleep deprivation, so establishing a good bedtime routine and understanding how best to sleep train are key for everyone to get more rest. Making decisions such as moving baby to its own room, whether your little one is in a cot attached to your bed or in a separate cot, advice from experienced parents is helpful.

Once your baby is sleeping through the night and night-waking has largely stopped, the next challenges are often bedwetting and nightmares. Toddlers and young children can also suffer from upsetting night terrors and sleep apnea – two problems we discuss in our Sleep Disorders section. It sounds a nightmare in itself, but developing healthy sleep habits in your children is straightforward with a few tips and a bit of determination!

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How to sleep train a baby

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Before your baby is born people are quick to tell you that you should “get as much sleep as you can now, you won’t sleep when baby is here” and “remember, sleep when baby [...]