Getting our ‘eight hours of sleep a night’ can be a challenge if you suffer from depression or anxiety. Daily stress and worries often affect how well we sleep but when sleepless nights or early waking becomes a pattern, it can affect our mood, work and even relationships. Insomnia cures or treatment for prolonged sleep disruption may require a discussion with a doctor or counsellor, however the best initial approach is to prevent anxiety building up if you can.

Insomnia symptoms can be reduced with good sleep hygiene routines and stress-relieving sleep products. Replacing your mobile phone with a natural alarm clock helps natural circadian rhythms; sleep apps can help you understand your specific sleep problems and relaxation / meditation are useful tools. Herbal teas, pillow sprays and essential oils relax and put you in the mood to sleep. Below, we suggest the best sleep aids for stress and anxiety that we’ve found.