There’s a bewildering range of products on the market all designed to help you sleep better. From different types of pillows and bedding, electric blankets and temperature regulating duvets to keep you warm or cool at night, natural remedies for relaxation, and sleep apps to promote good habits.

We’ve tested and reviewed our favourite sleep aids, which we believe are the best sleep products out there. Our lists are divided into sleep aids for different ages, stages and needs, whether that’s essential kit to help your baby or child sleep; sleep aids to help with stress, anxiety and insomnia; anti-snoring devices, or products to help during pregnancy. Our pages below will take you straight to our ‘best’ lists.

Best Bedding and sleep products

The Best Bedding & Sleep Products

Getting a good night sleep is really important. To sleep well we need to be comfortable and the right temperature. Here are some of the best bedding products that we feel can offer the most comfortable night’s sleep.


Sleep Products for Babies & Children

Trying to get your children to your baby or young child to sleep well is a big issue for most parents. Establishing a routine is key and there are a number of products that can support you in doing this. From massage balms to mobiles, nightlights to bedding, we have listed some of the best sleep products for babies and children here.

Stop Snoring Aids & Products

Stop Snoring Aids & Products

Snoring is one of the most common sleep disorders. It not only affects the quality of the person snoring but also their partners. There are many products on the market to help stop snoring from pillows to nasal strips. Different things seem to work for different people so here are a few recommendations.

Sleep Aids for Women & Pregnancy

Sleep for Women and Pregnancy

Women’s sleep can change during periods such as pregnancy and the menopause and at these times in particular it may be helpful to think about your sleep environment to help you rest well.


Sleep Gadgets and Sleep Apps

Sleep trackers, SMART lighting, soothing sounds, guided meditations and music – there are so many different types of tech that can help you sleep? Find some of the best available here.


Sleep Aids for Stress and Anxiety

It is well recorded that stress and anxiety are linked to poor sleep. There are plenty of products that you can try to help you get a better night’s sleep.


Best Natural Sleep Aids

Are you in search of the best natural sleep aids for you and your family? Here you will find some of the best products made from natural ingredients such as lavender, chamomile, valerian, passion flower, magnesium and many more.


Sleep for Older People

Our sleep patterns change as we get older and so sometimes we need something different to help us sleep. Whether it be a pillow to prop us up in bed or an electric blanket to keep us warmer, we have found some of the best sleep aids for the elderly.